How Can Our Sulphur Based Skin Care Products Help Relieve Acne And Other Similar Ailments?...

Sulphur Soap is not a medical treatment for acne – but can provide relief from its symptoms and used in conjunction with medical treatment can be of real benefit to sufferers.

Acne is caused by bacteria that feed on build ups of dead skin cell and oil when your skin glands are overproducing oil. Sulphur Soap cannot stop this process from happening. However, medical advice recommends that you softly and frequently wash infected areas to continually remove the build up of dead cells and oils that lie behind the disease. Some soaps, however, are more beneficial than others – and the power of Sulphur has been known since Roman times, when the first spa was established at Harrogate.

Sulphur is known scientifically as a keratolytic agent. In plain english, this means it encourages your skin to shed dead cells. As it is these dead skin cells that help to block your skin pores and create the conditions necessary for acne to flourish, frequent cleansing with a sulphur-based agent can help to lessen the symptoms.

Certain compounds of sulphur – such as sulfonamides – are believed to retard the growth of bacteria by limiting the acids that they need to reproduce.

Our soap contains sulphur-rich chemicals drawn from the natural springs at Harrogate spa.

Beautiful Healthy Skin

"I am very pleased with the results using the Sulphur Skin Care Natural Cream. My skin has become very soft and is helping with the ageing problems. I will certainly keep using it!"    Audrey Theobald, Bradford

Where can I get help for my Acne


As well as using our Sulphur Soap to help you get relief for your symptoms, we recommend seeking medical assistance and advice.

The British Association of Deramatologists says:

“No treatment will completely ‘cure’ acne. The aims of treatment are to prevent new spots forming, to improve those already present, and to prevent scarring.”

Despite this, you can purchase many over-the-counter acne products at any chemist, but be aware that most of them have little clinically-proven benefit.

For severe or prolonged cases, there are a range of orally administered treatments, from antibiotics to hormonal and vitamin supplements that your doctor may prescribe.

Your doctor will be able to advise you on which course of action is most suitable for you. Any course of treatment is likely to take several months, and the results may depend on many factors. There is still not a single recognised cure for acne and opinion differs amongst dermatologists on the best treatment for the condition.

For the psychological problems that can develop during extended cases of Acne, there are many support groups such as who can offer advice. Your doctor may also be able to refer you to a counsellor, or you can ask for help and advice though NHS Direct.vice.



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Natural Cream Reviews

"Sulphur Skin Care Natural Cream is great.

I have used it for sunburn, mosquito bites and dry

skin. It's even good for your hands and nails.

I won't be using anything else now."  

L. Lord, West Yorkshire



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All of our products are perfect for family use and all skin types, but are especially suitable

for people who may be prone to Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Rosacea and other skin conditions.

*Please note that we are not claiming cures for any of the above skin conditions, merely that they are suitable for use by people who may be prone to those conditions. Our products are best used for managed skin care. If a problem persists you must see a medical practitioner.

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