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These are a few of the Testimonials we have had, some by email and others from Amazon and Ebay

All the following testimonials are for our 



"It's a miracle cream"

"I just wanted to send a personal email to thank you for your amazing product.
I’ve suffered with Perioral dermatitis twice now, this time nothing was helping. I fell down a rabbit hole of the benefits of sulphur

and was using sulphur soap on my face for months and it was so horribly dry and uncomfortable (although it was helping.)
I stumbled across your sulphur moisturiser, and wanted to try incorporating sulphur in a gentler way. I cannot explain how much

this cream has saved my skin. I’m glowing again and my dermatitis is gradually going away with every use.
It’s a miracle cream- please do not stop making it!! I will use this as my everyday moisturiser forever now.
Thank you so much."

R. Crowther, Sutton Coldfield



"After two days my Rosacea is so much better. Great product. Many thanks."

C. Holden, Abergele

"Great Product"

 "A great product that I have been using for a few years now, after spending a small fortune on various medications.

Thank God I have found this one."

J. Spencer, Kent


"I love this cream, I really like to incorporate sulphur into my routine as my skin loves it so this is perfect, lots of other great ingredients that my skin loves in this product too. This cream always helps when my skin is not behaving so well..any little rashes, mysterious dry patches etc all clear within a couple uses (I have even used

it on my scalp!) after repeatedly buying the smaller pot I decided to bite the bullet and get the bigger

one as I get through it so quickly (because you can use it everywhere) and it’s really worth it!

I’ll continue to be a repeat customer for sure ☺️"

Karmen S, Amazon customer


"A Great Product, worked for me"

"Bought this for what I think is Rosacea. It’s a great cream, within a few days of use skin redness was reduced and I no longer get raised red bumps on face . I use it just at night as it has a rich consistency and does smell slightly sulphurous as you’d expect! . A little goes a long way. Highly recommend this cream. Sidenote- don’t let silver jewellery come into contact with it as it tarnishes. It does say this on the product leaflet but I missed that and found out the hard way."

Sarah, Amazon customer


"Lovely Smell"

"Used this for Acne Rosacea It cleared up my skin amazingly So happy with product someone in Rosacea Fb group recommended sulphur product and I found this."

D. A., Amazon customer

"I love this cream! I bought it originally because it was cruelty free and vegan. However, it is also an excellent cream. I am using it on my face and hands. My skin feels soft and hydrated. Will definitely buy more."

Linda P.,  Amazon customer

"Fantastic product!"

"I have suffered from ocular rosacea for many years and your cream has given me better results than anything prescribed by many doctors over the years."

J. Spencer, London

"Alhamdulillah. Excellent product for eczema for my child. Will order again."

M. Asghar, Dewsbury

"Good Skin Cream"

"In my opinion this cream seems to accelerate skin healing for rosacea and minor bacterial skin infections like spots and slow healing small cuts. Doesn't sting on application and smells pleasant."

Amazon customer

"Only used twice and already fantastic results. Amazing cream!"

J. Nel, Devon

"Such a lovely and soothing cream. It has simple but such effective ingredients, no nonsense. It Is slightly oily on the skin after application and it takes a bit for it to be absorbed but once it is, the skin is soft and well hydrated. It’s got a really nice lemony odour. I enjoy using this cream and would definitely recommend it to anyone"

Lo T.,  Amazon customer

 "This stuff really helps my rosacea. Thanks again! 😊"

M. Morrow, Bradford

"My son has suffered for 2 years with eczema on the backs of his legs. He's had steroid creams and antibiotics and I've tried other creams that's been recommended, but nothing has shifted it, until I tried this natural moisturising cream. Within a few days, he had stopped scratching them and I could see the eczema patches getting paler and less raw looking. This cream is amazing, thank you!!"

C. Robson, Leeds

"Best cream I've tried to help clear my rosacea"

A satisfied Amazon customer


"I have purchased, and my daughter and I have been fortunate to receive a sulphur skin-care gift set. My daughter and I were blown away with the moisturiser as we’ve seen it clear up her acne in less than a week. Other products have not been able to make such an impression. Would really recommend- very impressed!

Gift set in general was lovely - especially bath salts."

U. Wood, Bradford


"Wonderful product - which is why I keep buying it."

David Hill, West Midlands

"Cream works brilliantly will buy again when needed thanks"

A. Foxcroft, Bradford

"Item received quickly. Cream working well compared to other similar creams."

G. Maxfield, West Midlands



"This pot lasts a long time and is really great for the psoriasis in my ears and behind them.
It's really thick and creamy and smells divine (yes there's sulphur but I smell the lemongrass more).
If I forget to use for a few days the psoriasis starts to creep back but it's stopped bleeding and cracking

which is fab!"

L. G-Smith, Colchester

"Better than anything we’ve tried for my daughter’s teenage breakouts. One use of your cream and the spots on her back had gone by morning! They obviously return... but the cream is brilliant for keeping her skin clear."

L. M. Caine, Hampshire


"Highly recommended"

 I've been using this cream for 2 months now and its been great. I've been applying it daily on areas that are usually affected and I've not had any outbreaks of new spots yet.

Will be buying some more soon."

D. Heath, Lancashire


"Got rid of my spots at last"

"This cream is the only product I've tried over the past 30 years that actually got rid of my spots so I will be buying more when it runs out. Small tub but a little goes a long way. The only thing it didn't work on was a patch of psoriasis on my neck but I'm happy to be spot free at last."

C. Brownhill, Staffordshire

"I am so impressed with the sulphur cream, I have papulo-pustular rosacea which was constantly inflamed and irritated by the bridge of my glasses. The antibiotic gel controlled it but could only be used for 12 week periods but I am able to use the cream daily with brilliant results. The cream works so much better than the prescribed gel with no risk of antibiotic resistance and I am able to wear my glasses in comfort and with much improved skin." 

Linda Reid, Cumbria


"Excellent product bought to prevent spots as a result of using aqueous cream to relieve the dryness of rosacea. This product has very good moisturising properties which I wasn’t aware of when ordering. A twice daily application is all that is required and the redness associated with rosacea has greatly improved.

I will definitely reorder."

David W, Amazon customer


It works!

"I'm a middle aged bloke who's suffered with acne then rosacea all my life. I've had so many prescribed treatments and tried so many cosmetic products I've lost count. I started using this cream in October 2017 and have just ordered the duo pack which should last me 4 months. Why? Well it actually works. For the first time in my life I have clear skin - by my estimate 42 years after my first spot appeared. I can't recommend this product enough. I use it sparingly after shaving then again before bed. It's left my skin feeling incredibly smooth and I'm blemish free for the first time in my adult life.

Thanks, thanks and thanks again."

David Hill, West Midlands

"Lovely cream. Seems to be helping so far"

K. Brewer, West Yorkshire


"Used this cream before and I love it"

L. Harvey, Tyne & Wear


"I have been a rosacea sufferer for many years. I am on long term antibiotics to help lessen the length of flare ups, but I still have some very nasty sores and lesions, one that is particularly bad is situated by my eye on the side of my nose and has caused me tremendous pain and is very unsightly. Nothing I have used from antibiotic cream through to good old nappy cream has had any effect...until I bought this sample size, within 3 days of use my lesion has TOTALLY YES TOTALLY healed. I AM OVER THE MOON there is a scar there but that can be covered by make up if I need. I have now sung the praises of this FANTASTIC POT OF JOY on Facebook and have just bought the large size which I will await eagerly for its arrival MARVELLOUS potion please NEVER stop selling it"

D. Herriot, Northamptonshire


"Magical, my skin is almost back to normal after two days use"

H. Carter, Croydon


"Best thing I've used for ages!"

D. Rose, Loughborough

"A high quality product. I am already experiencing good results"

N. Lyle, Hampshire

"This is my third pot of this cream, it's amazing for my rosacea"

L. Harvey, Tyne & Wear

"I have suffered from rosacea for 5 years. After trying every type of branded product for the redness i come across this product on ebay. Reluctantly i tried it and WOW this product is amazing for the price. After 2 weeks of using my redness has reduced dramatically and my face is glowing. Cant recommend this product enough and very happy i came across this product and so pleased i tried it.

Thanks so much ❤️❤️"

M. Napier, Tyne and Wear


"Thanks fixed my eczema"

J. Gillson, Gloucestershire


"This cream is amazing. Great service. Thank you. : )"

D. Bond, Wakefield


"Nice buttery cream great for Rosacea. I have found this cream very good for Rosacea and use it every day to keep my face clear of the problem.

A little cream goes a long way and has a nice fresh lemon smell"

J. Wood, West Sussex


"This cream has done far more for my psoriasis than all the creams l have been prescribed by the dermatologist at the hospital which l have been attending since I was 18, l am now 69. They are at a loss on trying to calm the flare ups which this time has lasted nearly a year. The first night l tried your cream l could not believe how it calmed the itchyness down which is cronicle, and l can't sleep. My red raw skin since using your cream is now pale pink and healing the painful cracked heals. I am taking the cream with me on my next appointment. to show them the vast improvement it has made.

God bless you for this marvellous product, and don't stop making it.

Warm regards"

Mary Stimson, Greater Manchester


"I have used this product twice over a period of time and it as calmed my rosacea down I would recommend anybody who suffers from rosacea give it a go you will be surprised how this ailment will improve"

An Amazon Customer


"Good cream for rosacea. I am using this cream for my rosacea. After maybe 2 weeks my skin started to look less red and more smooth and younger."

P. Tyminski, London

"Very pleased with the cream -very soothing and will buy again. A*"

A. Ingham,  Chorley


"Top cream, reduced redness on my nose (eczema) from day1. Now a BIG improvement."

J. Nichols, Glamorgan

"Really good item and genuinely does work to subside the acne rosacea."

L. Philpott, West Midlands

"Since going through the menopause I have suffered with rosacea and creams from the doctor only helped for a short while. I recently purchased a trial pot of sulphur cream and can honestly say it has improved my skin from the first day. I have had no further outbreaks and it has improved my skin and reduced redness. It is an amazing product and I shall be purchasing more in the future. Many thanks from a very happy customer."

Jackie, England

“Thank you for the amazing cream and service I'll be back :)”

Karen Pointer, Isle of Wight

"Thank you so much. I suffer with rosacea and was getting to the end of my tether with my face feeling tight and itchy. Within hours I feel a hundred times better. Will definitely keep buying this lovely stuff and will definitely be recommending you to friends"

JP Gardler, West Yorkshire

“I am very pleased with the results using the Sulphur Skin Care Natural Cream. My skin has become very soft and it is helping the ageing problems.

I will certainly keep using it"

A. Theobald, Bradford

Sulphur Skin Cream is great. I have used it for sunburn, mosquito bites and dry skin.

It’s even good for your hands and nails.

I won’t be using anything else now.”

L.  Lord, Cleckheaton


“I find the Sulphur Skin Care Natural Cream has really helped my psoriasis much better than

anything I have tried before.”

Paula Lyness, Bradford


“I got this for dry skin on my face. It worked amazing! My face felt refreshed as soon as I put it on and in the morning was silky smooth with no dry skin! I usually use Clinique moisturiser but have found the sulphur cream works better! I will deffo be buying again, it smells lovely and fresh too x"

Debbie Harrison, Dewsbury


“I really love this cream, always in my drawer at work for dry itchy patches, great on eczema prone places. Even keep a small pot in my handbag for chapped lips.


Jayne Thorpe, Dewsbury


“I have used sulphur skin care cream and found it was the only cream that gave my feet moisture and noticed the results over night! I suffer from cracked heels very painful, I used the cream once and the pain had gone and the cream was showing results straight away.

After trying many other expensive creams, I found Sulphur Skin Care cream just the right price to pay and the only cream that showed results

in such a short space of time. I will definitely be buying this product again!”

E. Rogers, Cleckheaton

"Ordered more it works amazing stuff thank you. I have had rosacea for many years now and have had lots of treatments and was just about to start a 9 month course of antibiotics when I spotted your ad and thought I would buy the sample pot and give it a try, so far it seems to be clearing up and I'm astounded hence I have ordered two more pots. I'm hoping I won't have to take my antibiotics now if this keeps up. I can't thank you enough my husband has psoriasis of the scalp and I used a small amount on a patch hence the reason we bought 2 lots and we will definitely be looking

into ordering some more"

Karen Pointer, Isle of Wight


"Please don't stop making this!"

Katherine Eve, Bedfordshire


"Great product working well on my skin condition, highly recommend use again!"

Mrs. J. Bowler, Milton Keynes


"Very pleased with this item. Thank you"

Paula Smith, Wakefield


"Really love this cream. Thankyou."

Helen Burton, Cheshire


"Excellent service and product."

Leslie Dean, Lancashire


"Love this product, it's a miracle cream that I couldn't live without. Thank you!!!"

Michal Bebenek, Aberdeen


"This sulphur cream is excellent. What a difference it has made to my particular skin condition.

In winter my psoriasis is worst. Helping a lot."

R. Mallon, Leeds


"This is working wonders on my sons' eczema! Many thanks :-)"

K. Walker, Lancashire


"Received with thanks :-) really lovely cream."

M. Hewitt, Norfolk


"Love this cream, very helpful & friendly seller, fast delivery, will return thanku."

Maria Garvey, Sawston

"Used trial sample, good results, so ordered larger tub and all healing nicely."

M. Leonard, Somerset


"I couldn t believe how good this product is my skin has never felt better.👍🏼."

J. Rowland, Durham


"Reduced redness (on my nose) overnight!!"

J. Nichols, Glamorgan

"My second pot of this marvellous cream lasts ages and works miracles."

D. Herriot, Northamptonshire

"Has definately calmed my daughters spots would buy again great cream."

D. Little, Essex


"WOW your product is amazing on my rosacea. After trying branded products for 5 years this cream is great. After a couple of weeks my redness has reduced dramatically and my face is glowing. Received my larger tub today and cant wait to open it. Please never discontinue this product"  

M. Napier, Tyne and Wear

"Simply perfect!

Perfect for small product. Components are very nice. It eliminated the itching. Wear comfortable feeling and very delicate, soothing scent. I will buy again."

M. Patai, Omagh

"Best ever my skin is so much better defo reccomend will be bk for more"

J. Grant, Aberdeen

"This cream is very good at clearing the dry, cracked skin on my hands. A*"

A. Ingham, Lancashire


"I have used this cream before. Amazing thank you A1++++++++++"

J. Nichols, Kent

My Natural Skincare would like to thank everyone for their own personal testimonials,

we really do appreciate your feedback!

Thanks! Message sent.

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